Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Explosion.

"Pitcho" acrylic, varnish and ink on canvas, from Tinca Design.

"Tiger Mask" print, from Matty M. Cipov.

"Oh Carmen" 8 x 10 print, from Peggy Wolf Design.

Original watercolor painting, from Story of A Seed.

"Blue Cow" print, from Meagan Donegan.

3D Tiger letterpress poster, from Lilco Letterpress.

"Decaying Rabbit" original painting, from Debbie Illustrations.

It's Friday. Normally, this is great. However, this particular Friday marks the end of our 2-week I Heart Art series. Yes, it's sad. But we're not going out with a whimper--no sir! We're celebrating all the amazing art we found with one last double-shot of awesomeness!

We hope you've enjoyed all of our finds! Stay tuned for more wonderful finds (and a whole new theme) next week...

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