Friday, June 17, 2011

Art For The Hirsute Dad.

"The Illustrated Man", from The Black Apple.

"The Captain" silhouette print, from The Little Chickadee.

"Barnard", from Ashley G.

"In My Own Way" print, from Sadly Harmless.

Dads have hair in weird places: the back, the shoulders, even inside the ears. But we shouldn't condemn our hairy dads. Nay, I say! They are simply the victims of an evolutionary oddity. I mean seriously, why would anyone need hair on their shoulders?

It's time to honor the hirsute dads of this world! And to those dads sporting mustaches and beards for decades upon decades, we salute you. For you, my friends, are the true pioneers.

Part of our "Gifts For Dad" series. Father's Day is this Sunday--be sure to give your hairy dad a big 'ol hug!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dad's Best Friend.

Hand-painted plate, from Jimbob Art.

Part of our week long "Gifts For Dad" series. More fatherly finds all this week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Wallet For Every Dad.

The Minimalist:

Slim, wood business card holder, from Your Nest Inspired.

The Jock:

Recycled, vinyl tennis wallet, from Mitten Maker.

The Techie/Geek:

Carbon fiber, velcro wallet, from Ragged Edge Gear.

The Hipster:

Custom bicycle wallet, from In Blue.

You've seen your dad's wallet. It's that bulbous, faded, hunk of leather exploding from his back pants pocket. It's crammed with receipts, business cards and photos. Yet, somehow, it's completely void of the one thing that wallets are essentially built for: cash.

And since your dad has no cash to his name, a painful filing system in his back pocket, and an increasingly crooked spine, he desperately needs you to buy him a new wallet. Trust us--his butt, back and budget will thank you.

Part of our week long "Gifts For Dad" series. More Father's Day finds all this week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For The DIY Dad.

Floating "book" shelf, from Little Fish Furniture.

A "repair" so simple, even dad can handle it...In fact, we think this would make a wonderful Father's Day gift for the DIY dad in your life--even if he technically can't do anything by himself.

Find this shelf, and other "floating" bookshelves, in Little Fish Furniture's Etsy shop.

Gifts For The Industrial Dad.

Vintage stool, from VintageSeventyFive.

Vintage radio dial belt drawer, $39.

Vintage gas station number, $24.

Vintage cast iron train, from VintageSeventyFive.

Let's just go ahead and admit it, we have absolutely no idea what our dad really likes. Sure, he graciously accepts the generic tie or dress shirt. And he smiles with glee whenever bags of pistachios are presented (surely this isn't just my dad, right?). But we think the dads of this world deserve something uniquely special this year, wouldn't you agree?

And we've found just the thing--vintage! More specifically, industrial vintage from VintageSeventyFive's Etsy shop. And by the way, we absolutely love this shop! Honestly, what's not to love about these potential Father's Day gems: vintage scales, numbers, trophies, storage containers, and one of our personal faves, vintage cash register flags.

Do yourself (and your dad) a favor and pay a visit to VintageSeventyFive. It's time to end the generic gift-giving cycle. Trust us, your dad will thank you!

Part of our week-long "Gifts For Dad" series. Stay tuned for more dad-centric finds all this week!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Rocker Dad.

Keith Richards painting, from Jesse Mosher.

Keith Richards is cool. And this Keith Richards original painting (on repurposed plywood), from Etsy artist, Jesse Mosher, is perhaps even cooler. Dads are nowhere near this cool. Nevertheless, what rocker dad wouldn't appreciate an utterly cool Father's Day gift like this?

Part of our week long "Gifts For Dad" series. More dad-centric finds all this week!

Theme Of The Week: Gifts For Dad.

"Crown Card", from Present and Correct.

Dad. The go-to guy. Need someone to mow the grass, kill a bug, unclog the toilet, play a game of catch, walk the dog or catch a ride to the mall? How about some help buying that first car of yours? Or perhaps you need an amateur photographer to document your graduation ceremony? No worries folks, dad is here.

Memories of dad's deeds are abundant, to say the least. And despite his shortcomings (the barbecue gone awry or the numerous, embarrassing fashion disasters), dad is the constant. Seriously, what's not to love about a guy who's been wearing the same outfit since 1981?

This week, we celebrate the awesomeness of dads. We'll spotlight the coolest handmade and vintage Father's Day gifts/finds. We'll also share a few infamous dad-related tales--and believe us, there are many to be told!

Enjoy our "Gifts For Dad" week--Happy Father's Day, Dads!