Thursday, April 7, 2011

Road Trip Memory: The Badlands, 2010.

There's no better way to end the perfect road trip through the Badlands, than a fried "butterburger" from Culver's. Trust me though, you'll need to ignore the nutritional information or else it simply isn't fun.

Part of our week long "Road Trip" series. More road trip finds (and memories) all this week!

The Perfect Day.

"Surfer Van" photo print, from Elgarbo Art.

Vintage 1980's German aviator sunglasses, from What The Funk.

Embroidered trailer, from Moxiedoll.

Cassette tape iPhone cozy, from Yummy Pocket.

You and your buddies skipped school that day and drove your brother's VW bus to the beach. Or maybe you blew off work and drove in to the city for the day. However you got there, your memories of that particular day are still highly revered. No morning bell ringing in your ear. No boss hovering over your shoulder. Just you, some friends, a little sun and some music. Sunrise to sunset, the perfect day.

Part of our week long "Road Trip" series. More finds from the road, all this week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage Essentials For The Road.

Vintage gas can, from Jacks Red Barn.

Vintage Standard Oil map, from America The Beautiful.

Vintage AAA bumper sticker, from Bumper Stickers N' More.

Vintage brake fluid can, from Hindsvik.

It never hurts to be prepared! And if you're like me, you prefer to be prepared with a dash of vintage style. Imagine this scenario:  You're on your road trip. Your car runs out of gas in the desert--but you're prepared! You reach in to your trunk, pull out your rusty 'ol gas can, fill 'er up and keep on keepin' on! Admit it, you're feeling pretty cool in this scenario, aren't you?

Part of our week long "Road Trip" series. More finds from the road, all this week!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Setting Up Camp.

Mini notebook, from Campfire Chic.

Vintage map paper ornaments, from Ink Whimsy.

"Trailer in the Trees" archival print, from Rachel Austin.

Vintage plaid thermos, from Cathode Blue.

Serious road trippers know that camping is an essential skill. Sure, it saves you loads of money. But there's more to it than that. Where else can you swap ghost stories, read a book beside the warmth of a fire, sip a bit of cocoa and set your eyes on a magnificent, starry sky?

Part of our week long "Road Trip" series. More finds from the road, all this week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fancy Lamb's "Vintage Addiction".

We interrupt our "Road Trip" week to bring you a Featherette exclusive! One of my favorite vintage gurus, Robin Eastwood, aka The Fancy Lamb, recently resurrected her "Addicted To..." series--a series which features an enlightening Q & A session with some of Etsy's most interesting and unique vintage shops.

Vintage floral print dress, from Revolving Styles.

If you're a vintage addict like me, this is the column for you! And if you're in to vintage clothing, you'll especially love today's Q & A with Revolving Styles. Read (and enjoy) the full interview, here.

Theme Of The Week: Road Trip.

Custom candy heart LA map photo print, from Capow.

St. Louis skyline notecards, from Architette Studios.

Route 66 postcard, from Un Petit Monde.

Brooklyn print, from Claudia Pearson.

Road trip. Two words that get the blood pumping. A chance to get out of town and get lost. A random adventure with the ultimate goal of discovery. 15-hour car rides. Cheap hotels. Roadside hamburger joints. Kitschy tourist traps. Wrong turns. Listening to your best mix tape. The pinnacle of adolescence. Your fondest memory...or a dream in the making. America, at its small town finest.

This week, we'll discover handmade and vintage finds that capture the spirit of the great American road trip. And we'll even share some of our own photos and experiences of road trips past. So buckle your seat belts, pop in the mix tape, put the map in the glove compartment, don your sunglasses and get ready for a week of adventure. Road trip, baby, road trip!