Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sting.

"Float" 5 x 5 print, from Seven Olives.

We love sea creatures--jellyfish, in particular. Or is it jellyfishes? At any rate, any animal that possesses the ability to sting wins our respect and adoration. And all those tentacles...oh boy!

Part of our ongoing "I Heart Art" series. More finds all next week!

Eye To Eye.

"Waves Crashing" giclee print, from Hello Jenuine.

Part of our ongoing "I Heart Art" series.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pencil To Paper.

"Been Pushed Around", on antique tissue paper.

"Apparition", on acid-free Bristol board.

"Twigs", original pencil drawing.

"Not Fade Away", 8.5 x 11 original pencil drawing.

We're loving Fine Point Studio. In fact, we're quite fond of any artist that can draw inspiration from an unlikely source. Their ghostly, pencil-drawn images capture the unlikely beauty of each vintage subject. Mugshots and prison photos never looked so eerily attractive.

Part of our week long "I Heart Art" series. Stay tuned for more artistic finds, all this week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Parts Of A Whole.

"Pik" print, from Twamies.

"Modern Woman" original collage, by Catwalk.

"Prologue, Epilogue" pair of prints, from Restless Things.

"Ruth" oil painting, from Kristyn Dors.

We love the way body parts and shapes are somewhat interchangeable--at least, within the imagination.

Part of our week long "I Heart Art" series. More fabulous finds, all this week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Theme Of The Week: I ♥ Art.

"New Mexico" 10 x 10 print, from Charmaine Olivia.

"Nia" 6 x 8 print, from Beau Ideal Editions.

"Affinity" 13 x 9.5 original painting, from Fric De Mentol.

"Lost In The Woods" giclee print, from Tsk Tsk.

We ♥ art. In fact, we're "hearting" just about every artist we discover on Etsy. And some of our favorite trends seem to be popping up within the art community as well. We've spotted patterns galore, southwest motifs, intricate works of color, mod throwbacks and much, much more.

This week, we'll spotlight the art we're in love with and the artists we adore. Hopefully, you'll discover a few new artists of your own too!