Friday, May 27, 2011

Truche, OG.

I "Heart" Italy necklace, from Truche.

And by "OG", we mean "Original Gangster". In case you hadn't heard, Urban Outfitters has ripped off another independent artist. This time, it's Etsy seller, Truche and her adorable geographically-inspired, "i heart" necklaces.

While we're all for flattery, this is crossing the line. And as independent artists ourselves, we're peeved. But while many bloggers have suggested a boycott of Urban Outfitters and their sister company, Anthropologie, we think the ultimate course of consumer action may be far less dramatic.

Simply put, the next time you're feeling the itch to spend some dollars, sit down on your computer, head on over to Etsy, and buy yourself something handmade.

With all that's happened (in regards to Urban Outfitters), just think of it as avoiding the middle man.

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  1. I was really upset about this and then found a post on regretsy this morning. Apparently, she isnt the first to make the design either .... But UO seems to have pulled the necklaces.