Monday, July 4, 2011

Theme Of The Week: Animal-Friendly Finds.

Bison necklace, from Meg J. Roberts.

Nothing deep or philosophical here, we simply love animals. Perhaps more importantly though, we're inspired by animals. Imagery of woodland creatures like owls, squirrels, birds and bunnies are prevalent within the handmade universe. And in the art world, dogs and cats are frequent, beloved subjects. Even the not-so-cute animals like alligators, armadillos and snakes make the occasional appearance.

This week, we're flipping on the instinctual switch and harnessing our inner beast. That's right, we're going all animal. It's time to celebrate the creatures and critters of the world--and more specifically, the incredible creations they inspire.

So stay tuned for our week-long lovable, enlightening (and in some cases, furry) crop of "Animal-Friendly Finds". Have a great week, everyone!

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