Friday, March 25, 2011

A Few Of Our Favorite Decor-ations.

Feather vase, from Brooklyn Rehab.

Modern mobile, from Marco Mahler.

Magnetic spice rack, from Salt City Spice.

Pink picture frame, from Emma Shirley.

We love to decorate our apartment. In fact, I can envision a spot for each of these fabulous items (as I'm sure many of you can too!). Of course, we're partial to feathers, geometric shapes, spices and a dab of pretty pastels--but if we listed all of our favorite home decor items, we'd be here all day!

Part of our week long "Featherette Favorites" series. And since this week was a bit shortened (due to my bicycle crash), this will be a two-week special. So stay tuned next week for more of our faves!

1 comment:

  1. You guys find the best stuff - I could find a spot for each of these in my house. Thanks for including me :)