Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Of Our Favorite Finds.

1960's post office box door, from The Fancy Lamb.

1960's, Mexican copper enamel trays, from Mascara Jones.

1930's lithograph advertising label, from Daily Memorandum.

1950's apothecary lab glass bottle, from Lackluster Co..

If we listed all of our favorite vintage finds, this post might be 2 miles long. These are simply a few of our current faves. Although, we must say, the post office box doors may just be the most awesomest vintage find ever!

Part of our week long "Featherette Favorites" series. More favorites tomorrow!


  1. Hey, thanks guys! I think the apothecary bottle is my fav...maybe I can arrange a trade? ;-)

  2. I heart those enamel rooster trays! They'd be smashing hung on a wall. Well, on my wall to be exact ;)