Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saving Money On Groceries.

Meet your new friend--the weekly ads.

Coupons are for suckers. The weekly ads are where the real action is. And the key to utilizing the weekly ad is to note and shop the pattern. Most grocery stores advertise everything that's on special for the week. Some stores will actually e-mail you these ads. Think of these ads as a map for discovering hidden grocery savings!

But how can you shop the ads and actually save money? Funny you should ask:

*Whole chickens. These will sometimes go as low as 79 cents/lb. Buy 3 or 4 and freeze 'em!
*Yogurt. Can't eat a whole 32oz. tub? Use it in smoothies!
*Fruit. This is a good smoothie ingredient too. Smoothies are healthy and will keep you full!
*Stockpile bulk foods. When grains go on sale, get a few pounds. A little grain will go a long way.
*Coffee and teas. If you drink these beverages every day, get a few weeks worth and save some $$.
*Vegetables and greens. Get creative--use them in quesadillas, stir fries and curries.
*Chocolate. Buy the big bars and have a square each night for dessert. (Caution, this one takes will power).

Have some other tips on how to save money on grocery shopping? Let us know!

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  1. I love my grocery ads and get the Sunday paper strickly for the ads/coupons! Great advice :) I wonder though is there a person alive who can eat just one square of chocolate? Lol!