Monday, June 6, 2011

Hallava Falafel.

Hallava Falafel - Georgetown, Seattle.

For the past few months, we've been frequenting a (mostly stationary) mobile food truck known to simpletons as "Hallava Falafel". But to us, this may as well be falafel heaven--for it's here where nightmares of mediocre falafel go to die.

Food from a truck has never been this good.

Located in the tiny "Georgetown" neighborhood (just south of downtown Seattle), "Hallava Falafel" is by far our favorite-est of favorites when it comes to Seattle eats. There are 3 menu items: falafel and shawarma (both available in sandwich or salad form), and "double-dropped" fries. All 3 are scrumptious--but the falafel sandwich is our champion.

The view from my mouth.

The ingredients: crispy, golden brown falafel stuffed inside a pocketless pita, Russian red relish, spinach, tzatziki sauce, a delicious blend of spices, and perhaps the underrated hero of Hallava's falafel sandwich, a wild Armenian pickle. Good. Freaking. Lord.

Do yourself a favor--go there...NOW! 5825 Airport Way S, Georgetown, WA.

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