Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Wallet For Every Dad.

The Minimalist:

Slim, wood business card holder, from Your Nest Inspired.

The Jock:

Recycled, vinyl tennis wallet, from Mitten Maker.

The Techie/Geek:

Carbon fiber, velcro wallet, from Ragged Edge Gear.

The Hipster:

Custom bicycle wallet, from In Blue.

You've seen your dad's wallet. It's that bulbous, faded, hunk of leather exploding from his back pants pocket. It's crammed with receipts, business cards and photos. Yet, somehow, it's completely void of the one thing that wallets are essentially built for: cash.

And since your dad has no cash to his name, a painful filing system in his back pocket, and an increasingly crooked spine, he desperately needs you to buy him a new wallet. Trust us--his butt, back and budget will thank you.

Part of our week long "Gifts For Dad" series. More Father's Day finds all this week!

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