Friday, June 17, 2011

Art For The Hirsute Dad.

"The Illustrated Man", from The Black Apple.

"The Captain" silhouette print, from The Little Chickadee.

"Barnard", from Ashley G.

"In My Own Way" print, from Sadly Harmless.

Dads have hair in weird places: the back, the shoulders, even inside the ears. But we shouldn't condemn our hairy dads. Nay, I say! They are simply the victims of an evolutionary oddity. I mean seriously, why would anyone need hair on their shoulders?

It's time to honor the hirsute dads of this world! And to those dads sporting mustaches and beards for decades upon decades, we salute you. For you, my friends, are the true pioneers.

Part of our "Gifts For Dad" series. Father's Day is this Sunday--be sure to give your hairy dad a big 'ol hug!

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