Monday, July 11, 2011

Theme Of The Week: A Vintage Life.

I've always been drawn to vintage. In high school, argyle v-necks and shinny wingtips were my fashion weapons of choice. I was basically a 17 year-old version of Kramer. I even got my hair permed! But that's a story for another day...

The infamous "Kramer" painting.

These days, my love for vintage is bordering on obsession. My apartment is filled with vintage treasures: office supplies, kitchen doodads and various off-the-wall furniture finds--many of which are still highly functional. To me, there's nothing better than vintage chrome, steel or faux wood. Give me something old...something with a story to tell.

Vintage Seth Thomas speed read clock, from The Fancy Lamb.

So out with the new, in with the old! This week, we're celebrating everything vintage. We'll bring you budget-friendly finds for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage and more--all for under $25 bucks! We'll even share a few of our all-time favorite thrift store vintage finds. Trust us, if you're a fan of vintage, you don't want to miss a single minute!

Have you spotted an awesome vintage item on Etsy? If so, tweet us the link @blackbirdtees. We may feature it in this week's vintage series!


  1. Oh perms! I spent much of the late 80s/early 90s in front of the mirror with a pick, trying to get my super-straight-turned-unnaturally-curly hair to look just like Tiffany's. I want those hours of my life back now.

    Agreed that I like when things have a little history to them - some of my vintage finds are my favorite treasured possessions for that reason. Looking forward to your finds!

  2. "out with the new, in with the old"
    That is a great catch phrase for those of us who are vintage hounds!
    p.s. perms - been there, done that, rinse repeat regret. ;)