Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Perfect Day.

"Surfer Van" photo print, from Elgarbo Art.

Vintage 1980's German aviator sunglasses, from What The Funk.

Embroidered trailer, from Moxiedoll.

Cassette tape iPhone cozy, from Yummy Pocket.

You and your buddies skipped school that day and drove your brother's VW bus to the beach. Or maybe you blew off work and drove in to the city for the day. However you got there, your memories of that particular day are still highly revered. No morning bell ringing in your ear. No boss hovering over your shoulder. Just you, some friends, a little sun and some music. Sunrise to sunset, the perfect day.

Part of our week long "Road Trip" series. More finds from the road, all this week!


  1. I'm ready to go! Great collection!! Thank you for including me :)