Monday, April 4, 2011

Theme Of The Week: Road Trip.

Custom candy heart LA map photo print, from Capow.

St. Louis skyline notecards, from Architette Studios.

Route 66 postcard, from Un Petit Monde.

Brooklyn print, from Claudia Pearson.

Road trip. Two words that get the blood pumping. A chance to get out of town and get lost. A random adventure with the ultimate goal of discovery. 15-hour car rides. Cheap hotels. Roadside hamburger joints. Kitschy tourist traps. Wrong turns. Listening to your best mix tape. The pinnacle of adolescence. Your fondest memory...or a dream in the making. America, at its small town finest.

This week, we'll discover handmade and vintage finds that capture the spirit of the great American road trip. And we'll even share some of our own photos and experiences of road trips past. So buckle your seat belts, pop in the mix tape, put the map in the glove compartment, don your sunglasses and get ready for a week of adventure. Road trip, baby, road trip!

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