Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last Supper.

Can you guess which items contain some form of pork?

The Memorial Day lineup:  pork ribs (a hunk 'o' pork), green beans (cooked with bacon), beans (also cooked with bacon), grilled broccoli (thankfully, no pork), mashed potatoes (with a heavy dose of sour cream) and deviled eggs (not pictured, and no pork). Southern-style overeating at it's finest.

"We cannot be defeated." -Ribs.

The infamous "pork and beans".

Yesterday wasn't the first time I've overeaten. However, it may very well be the last. Don't get me wrong, the food was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I find myself hating myself this morning. Pretty sure my stomach wants to punch me in the face. I'm sorry stomach--so, so sorry...

You see, this Southern boy turned semi-vegetarian (thank you, Seattle), has grown accustomed to what most might refer to as a "healthy lifestyle". Think fish instead of pork ribs, free range lamb sliders instead of Costco value-pack burgers and grilled potatoes instead of potato salad.

My vacation ends tomorrow, and I'm more than anticipating a return to my healthy ways. No doubt, I'll miss the flavors and tastes of the South. But after a 2-week barrage of meats, fats and starches, I won't miss the calories.


  1. My husband would be drooling right now. I didn't know you were from the South! Where are you from? I'm from Georgia, and now you've got me wanting sweet tea and boiled peanuts.

  2. Holy pig, those ribs look delicious! My rib cooking experience on Memorial Day was a big fail ): Those look perfect!