Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Local.

South of the James Farmer's Market, Richmond, VA.

It seems as if farmer's markets are cropping up everywhere. Even my conservative hometown of Richmond, VA now has several thriving farmer's markets. My family and I recently perused the "South of the James" market last weekend. We picked up some artisan pasta, homemade blueberry bread, some yummy coffee and a load of other goodies.

We want to know--do you frequent your local farmer's market? If so, what do you buy? How much do you spend?

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  1. I LOVE our local market - It's actually open every day of the week and stocks mostly produce (but also has honey, ice cream, etc.). My boyfriend and I head there every weekend to buy fruits and veggies for the week and usually spend around $25 to $30 - Which is cheaper than the grocery store and the product itself is much fresher and delicious! Plus, they always have the most adorable barn dog hanging around, her name is Callie :)