Friday, June 3, 2011

Choose Your Egg.

"Cage Free", our eggs of choice.

Choice is a good thing. And while we don't believe Americans necessarily need 67 brands of candy bars to choose from, we do appreciate our various options for eggs:  free range, cage free, vegetarian diet, organic, grass fed, brown, white, large, jumbo, 6-pack, dozen, 18-pack...just to name a few.

Price used to be our only determining factor when purchasing eggs. But after watching "Food Inc.", we've modified our thinking. And while it's still tough to sort through all the marketing and buzz words associated with today's foods, we think shopping at a reputable grocery store may be the ultimate key.

Our supermarket of choice is "Whole Foods". Specializing in natural and organic products, they put our ethical shopping radar system at ease--so we feel good about the groceries we buy (especially eggs!).

We want to hear what you think about eggs. Does free range, cage free, organic, etc... matter to you? Where do you buy your eggs? White or brown?

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  1. We get ours from a local farm which raises a variety of free-range chickens - So our dozen is a real grab-bag! Posted about it a while back here: